i need to take a breather

if this is able to be believed i think i came home more confused than when i left. the time we spent together was great but there were some unforseen glitches that cut into that. i have been a whirling derbish of emotions as a result. just a few things now and i’ll be back whenever i can.

  • i love Him and i told Him and He didn’t flee
  • He told me that He cared about me as well which i am more than positive i needed to hear (it’s not the same thing i know but He is so guarded that at the moment it was enough)
  • He greatly enjoyed the bear and i am very happy about that
  • He greatly enjoyed everything i brought Him, well maybe not the books so much
  • He plans to visit after He’s done travelling a bit next month for work
  • He wants to be at my graduation–i was going to ask but it was nice to know that He wanted to be there
  • through all the confusion in my brain i cannot fathom there not being a Him with me and that may be my ultimate downfall

2 thoughts on “i need to take a breather”

  1. c’mon red – i rely on you for stability! (god knows i never have any in my life)

    the only tip that i can give for dealing with the distance is not to think about how long since you last saw each other, or how long until you will see each other again – but think about what you want to do the next time you see Emporer…

    it’s not much i know but it gets me thru the nights.


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