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okay so i don’t watch a lot of reality tv because it sorta sucks lol. but for the last few weeks i have been watching the baby borrowers. if you haven’t seen any of the episodes or heard of it the concept is to let teenage couples enjoy the experiences of raising infants to toddlers

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okay someone alerted me to the fact that i haven’t said anything over the last month. really i don’t have an excuse this time. i still have extra relatives around–even though technically no one is home but me BUT that would be because those folks are at the hospital right now. long story, so don’t

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it occurs to me…

hey everyone, it occurs to me that i have been some what of a whiny bitch lately. i have to recognize that i haven’t packed it in because part of me still believes in the idea of what could be for me and RS. reality is a pain in the ass and interferes with daydreams

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always waiting

that is what i’ve been doing for years now. waiting to be wanted, to be used and i am really really tired. for every step i take forward i feel like i have been slapped backwards four more. given the right circumstances that might not distress me but these are not the right circumstances. when

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