holy crapola batman!

Okay so i really didn’t have a cute title for this. i didn’t realize i hadn’t posted in over a month. as soon as we finished the project at work my brain went mushy and then i went on vacation because mom was gone and well vacation rocks. so do the boston celtics as of this moment. i had damn near refused to watch the end of the game. i mean they were losing 26-7 early in the game. they were hurting my feelings. yes i know how can random men who i am unlikely to ever meet hurt my feelings. that’s the weird thing about watching sports. if you are rooting for or against someone then this massive us versus them thing happens and well i really like garnett and allen and i really hate—yes hate—kobe bryant. i do feel bad for his teammates as i love derek fisher and lamar odom but i want them to lose real whole lot unless kobe decides to retire between now and sunday. in that case i want a tough 7 game series. otherwise i hope that boston wins one of the next two games and puts me and kobe out of our somewhat-tied-together-misery for entirely different reasons.

i have no other updates, RS is still not home and i still haven’t heard from Him. i’m not sure what to do at this point.

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  1. hehehe…perhaps i left my comment in the wrong place..check the one before for the now one…love u girl…

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