okay someone alerted me to the fact that i haven’t said anything over the last month. really i don’t have an excuse this time. i still have extra relatives around–even though technically no one is home but me BUT that would be because those folks are at the hospital right now. long story, so don’t want to get into it but suffice it to say old people should be required to go to the doctor whenever we say so JUST because we’re typically right. if we happen to be wrong i guess we can pick up the bill but i’d rather them be ok and me out some cash than stuck in the hospital because we’re trying to honor their right to be stubborn jackasses. moving on.

every now and then i wake up and think the last three years didn’t happen. Emp will be waiting on a call and the nice RS fellow never came into my life. so we know i’m sleep deprived as hell when those mornings occur because short of a life saving transplant it’s unlikely i would ever come in contact with Emp again. and my very nice soldier still is very nice somewhere else. there has still been no word from Him or the army about Him so i really have no idea what that means. i pray that He is all right and that He will return home safely but the longer He’s gone the more i worry about that. mostly for littlest soldier. this would be horribly unfair to her. losing my dad at 25 was hard enough i can’t imagine what i would be like to be without both parents before the age of 10.

so really nothing is going on around here. just trying to keep my head above water. if you get a moment say a prayer for my soldiers and all the others that have been away from home too long and those that won’t be coming home anymore.

2 thoughts on “oops”

  1. most definantly will say a heartfelt prayer…we all need our Man in our lives…good to see you are still here!

  2. Great blog. Lots of emotion in such a small space. you know i pray all throughout the day. you got it.

    Now, since we talk so much i wasn’t going to mention the ‘no blog’ thing… Hell, i don’t just want a blog i want sugasm. Tee hee

    -Green Lantern

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