Let’s Play Together

She stirs from her sleep and in her normal cat like fashion tries to stretch her limbs and arch her back before she gets out of bed.  She doesn’t feel him near her which increases her desire to climb from beneath the sheets and seek him out.  While her body is recognizing a distinct lack of movement her mind has yet to register the reason for that.  She isn’t cramping and she isn’t cuffed.  Another attempt to move her hands causes her fingers to brush against the rope that is binding her wrists and arms which have been folded in front of her and tucked under her pillow.  Her legs are split open slightly but not enough to force her onto her back as she would have thought given her current circumstances.  Her legs aren’t free either though.  There is just a little slack in the rope that has her ankles tethered to the bed frame.  She lets out an audible what the fuck before she realizes he’s been watching her wake up and assess her situation.

He smirks at her.  “Such language when I haven’t done a thing to you……..yet.”  That long pause was deliberate.  They both knew she wasn’t getting free anytime soon and truthfully she really didn’t want to.  She was just caught off guard by his ability to tie her up while she slept soundly.  The next time he teased her about being a cat burglar she’d remind him of this morning. 

She tried to look at him with a pleading pout but that only go a clothes pin attached to her lower lip before she could react.  The pain on her lip as the pressure began to spread made her writhe around and roll over onto her back.  He seized the opportunity to jerk one leg straight and tighten the rope to the bed frame with a few intricate knots.  He cocked an eyebrow and she reluctantly straightened the other leg for him and watched as he repeated the procedure with the other leg.

He ran a finger up the inside of her right thigh at an agonizingly slow pace.  Her skin began to become a series of goose bumps as his finger reached into her pussy to assess her wetness.  “Such a good girl, always wet when you wake up.”  He turned his back to her to look over the table of implements he had waiting for her.  His hand never left her center and was languidly toying around her g-spot.  “What should I use on you first today slut,” he asked as his voice trailed over his shoulder.

The first person that responds with an idea will direct how the next few paragraphs at least go.  If no one responds our sub will get slowly fingered until his hand can take no more or she explodes after her millionth orgasm.  Night all.

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