After the storms

So I am laying in bed now.  I’ve showered but haven’t gotten dressed because I don’t teach today but have meetings scheduled for later in the afternoon.  I want to get up and eat breakfast but there is a bit of residual horny lingering from last night.  I have to thank a friend last night for keeping my brain fired up while the rain was starting to really come down.  I’ve mentioned before that I have a good dose of what I can best translate as ombrophilia (an unnatural or extreme reaction to rain or being rained upon).  If I am exhausted all it does is make me go to sleep.  If I’m not it just makes my pussy turn to liquid and I have to masturbate vigorously.  Last night my Hitachi wand and I became reacquainted a few times but neither of which knocked me out.  If I had my druthers I would have been sandwiched between at least two bodies last night.  I kind of needed to be splayed out and fucked into unconsciousness last night.  It was a good storm and I was good and wet for a long time.  I’m not quite sure I’m over it yet but I have no one to torment with sounds of my wetness or descriptions of my orgasm.  And I don’t even have anyone to torment me into throwing all manner of convention to the wind and fucking myself until I can barely walk.  I love a good storm I swear.

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