No more late night snacks…they cause crazy dreams

I just as easily could have called this post it’s all green lantern’s fault but in my evaluations of what I did before bed it couldn’t totally be placed at her feet.  We were discussing PP and the way we met, how we tend to interact and that over the time that we have known one another neither has said I love you to the other.  I love what you are doing or oh shit I love that probably but truthfully the sex has always made my brain fuzzy so I can’t be sure about that right now either.  I mentioned before that he surprised me with his rather skillful mindfuck but we didn’t make any magical declarations afterwards lol in fact we have resumed speaking sporadically, normally when I’m being nosy.  So while the conversation was partially enlightening in that I made some connections I hadn’t before now it wasn’t earth shattering. Apparently my subconscious disagreed though.  I kept hearing his voice throughout the dream but didn’t really see him till the end.  However, it wasn’t him initially but someone I had seen naked once and spent more time figuring out what color to paint my nails after he left than I did during the act. Stamina with length and NO GIRTH suckkkkkkkkkkkks.  Ok so initially I’m laying in his lap wearing lazy black boy shorts. He is stroking my back and talking and as I look at him his face is literally filling out and getting darker while I watch.  Facial hair grows in, hair gets darker and thicker and it feels like he’s elongating beneath me.  He reads my face and says shh don’t worry and something to the effect that I’ll fuck you soon and smiles that smile at me.  I giggled and let him play in my hair and caress my skin while he kept telling me whatever else he was saying.  I woke up most decidedly alone and in my grandma nightgown and panties. I’d like to say I came in my sleep because that can happen but in this case I was just confused. 

And apparently I’m being slow again as AA (old PP, not the one that was just discussed) once told me.  I don’t ever assume a man is interested in me or wanting to be more than a fuck buddy if they don’t say so.  I am missing signals left and right so if you fall into that I have been trying to hit on you and you aren’t noticing it camp let me know.  My bad but my brain has more boy than it should sometimes and I need direct and logical conversation otherwise I just assume the sex is good so we are all happy.  Oh and just so we’re clear saying I would like to see you again just means that to me nothing more nothing less.  If that is code for I am thinking of how to tie you up and keep you then you should definitely say something.

Ok I’m fighting to stay awake now.  I wonder what my dreams will be featuring tonight.

3 thoughts on “No more late night snacks…they cause crazy dreams”

  1. Wait! How could it have possibly been my fault? :::::: batting eyelashes ::::::

    I can also relate to having an extra dose of "boy"!

    Great read. We'll talk.

    – green lantern

  2. Ok yes it could have been your fault but recognizing another conversation could have assisted with that as well. Regardless I need explicit information or I will totally think what I think and folks could get put into friend territory without that being their target.

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