Thank heavens for small favors

i haven’t posted in a while. i meant to but yeah brain fart. plus i was on call with work and was just glad to get to sleep sometimes. it’s been busy and productive and stuff at work is kinda chaotic but we’ll get through it like we always do. Things at home have been interesting as well. my mother’s family acted so crazy she was actually HAPPY to come home and has been rather agreeable since she’s been home. we’ve been playing the bowling game on the Wii and she’s been kicking my cute little patootie. Is that spelled right? Doesn’t matter, she’s been beating me and Daddy quite easily. Today we cleaned up my closet–Daddy and i that is, which was long overdue but rather weird as well because mid clean mom came in and saw one of my cutie girl aprons and actually was nice enough to not ask too many questions because yeah really didn’t want to explain that. ahh well nothing else major is going on. just wanted to check in.

see ya soon

2 thoughts on “Thank heavens for small favors”

  1. Clearly i am super behind lol. i'm doing okay usually. Glad you like the new blog layout. i think i've been to the new blog but i'll click from your profile and make sure i have it on the blogroll.


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