There’s a whole generation that….

First let me apologize for not posting in the last month. Been a little sick again and no matter what my brain thinks it doesn’t leak onto the template from my synapses. So i’ll try to work on that again so i’m not MIA so often. Anyhoo, the summer is over, and work is back into full swing. i love it but man we need more bodies to do this work as soon as we can find them.

Anyway, i’ve been thinking about something after talking to a few young people. This only came up because the last major of the tennis season is happening now and i absolutely LOVE tennis. i was mentioning this to someone in their early 20s who also knew enough about tennis to follow the conversation and said she loved when the players grunted. In my totally nerdy way i shared that there was a point in time, basically pre Monica Seles, that doing that on court was considered incredibly rude and could actually get you warned or have points taken away. That’s when it hit me. There is a whole generation that just thought grunting was normal and to be expected. These folks would probably also never have known a moment that you were expected to wear all white at Wimbledon (woot shout out to to my ex hubby Andre Agassi for changing that lol) or when there was no shot spot. Now those are pretty major things in tennis but that also means there are hosts of other things that they never knew about or just grew up with so it’s nothing new to them. i mean do you all remember when instant messaging hit the net for us regular mortals? Productivity had to fall in half lol.

So i had to write this post because i wanted to get that out and allow other people to share their random generation gaps that are interesting to them. So for those of you still reading have at it lol. i’ll be back before the month is over i promise.

P.S. this post is silly and not focused on 9/11. i am sorry if that offends anyone and it is not meant to disrespect those who died in that tragedy and since then because of exposure. we are stronger and will survive any and all threats but we have to embrace the joy that is around us while it’s there as well.

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