Life as we know it

Woot two posts in the same month, get out of town. i think the last time i posted i was in the middle of another round of testing. The doctor has eliminated another round of things that i didn’t think it would be and i am on the last day of another test diet that will hopefully lead to him giving me the medication i wanted when i went in to the office in the first place. It’s been nearly a month but i had to do all of these tests BEFORE he would do anything else. i’m hoping that it will ease up on my stomach today because i have a full day of clients the next few days that i have no desire to miss.

Other than that things are going okay. Mom is likely headed out for the niece’s birthday soon even though she’s not thrilled i don’t want to go with her. That whole work thing seems to escape her. i am still baking and cooking which helps with the stomach issues a bit but it’s totally unpredictable so it’s never a fun time with that. oh well back to playing on the net. Just wanted to let you all know what was going on and that yes i was still ok. Will try to be back with actually interesting news soon.

see ya

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