Random Thoughts

This probably won’t be very long. i realized a few days ago that i have had one of my sponsored kids since December of 2005. it hadn’t really occurred to me because i get the pictures they send every year but i look and go aww and then don’t track it on a day to day basis. Mom and i adopted a few more about two years ago but the oldest one will be aging out of the program in a few more years. i’m not sure if we’ll find another kid to sponsor at that stage but right now that is making me kind of sad too. only one of the others is about his age, were was about his age, when we started sponsoring him. The two girls we won’t have as long either cause they were older when started sponsoring them. If you can afford it and are interested there are great programs out there. We sponsor through Children International and they are great about allowing communication and all manner of things.

Now i’m going to turn back to the stupid tv that i’ve been watching because AT&T suddenly added the We network to our lineup and the horror that is bridezillas is on.

see ya

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