What i am is what i am

This post is random so don’t be terribly surprised by it. i realized something today. i am unusual in a lot of respects. The things i like, the people i admire, the quirks that are all mine wouldn’t make sense to anyone else if they were all placed out there for the world to observe. i love Prince (his old symbol name thing is one of my four tattoos)but i also can rock out to everything from Queen to Jill Scott to Pink to Eminem to Christina to T.I. to George Michael to Luther. my zune has nearly 6000 songs on it and i swear you would think i had musical ADD if you looked through it. And i’m perfectly okay with that. i loved old Anne Rice but hate the Twilight books. Give me an E. Lynn novel but please keep anything Tyler Perry touches away from me. i think i secretly lust to be yelled at by Gordon Ramsey and short of the massive windfall being on Oprah could bring i do believe i’d run if she (or Jerry Springer) ever called my house.

i’m amazed by people’s reactions to the famous folks that suck up so much media attention. There is rarely any middle ground, either love them or hate them. Most of the ones people love i find bland and the ones they tend to hate i practically adore. When people got cranky with Christina for finding more than a genie to rub her bottle i giggled and applauded her for taking control of her life and her image. Can’t bump too much of the genie phase but she’s become one of my favs since the Stripped album. When the world got up in arms about Angelina and Brad and how dare they do that to Jen, i revisited what i knew of the uber couple before the split. Brad had actually just gotten cute to me so i had be keeping tabs on his interviews and what kept coming up was how much the man wanted babies and how much Jen was focused on her career based on her stellar movie choices during that time period lol. Now i’m not saying she should have dropped everything and popped out kids but it became more apparent that was a want and when people can’t get what they want from their relationship it becomes problematic to keep it together. Was i super surprised that Brad and Angelina hooked up? Well yeah. She was in happy new mommy phase and seemed to be ok without a stupid male attachment in her life. Watching them in Mr. & Mrs. Smith you could see them connecting and as i mentioned before bad relationship plus sexy strong mother oriented woman equals bad news for current partner. Call her what you want, blame her if you need to and harangue him for leaving the wonderful wife he had but Brad and Angelina seem happy and the kids seem to be doing well and that’s all that matters. Yeah for her for having a good family and good relationship and doing good in the world elsewhere.

i think i can relate to both of them for different reasons and while i really may not ever make a bit of sense to anyone else i am enjoying being comfy in my own skin again. i can periodically doubt myself because i don’t fit any one mold but who really wants to blend in that much. oh well just wanted to share, i’m gonna finish watching Dateline now lol.

see ya

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  1. my fav of me is i am "All That I AM ~smiles~and all that All That I AM is all i desire to be, now Prince (and you have much to do with this as does the Being me in life itself—-pulleessee–lol)i like him more in my old age now i have truly found myself (as if I were lost). but yes i am teetotally with you with you as i read this posting…glad to have u back!!

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