Happy Fourth Everyone

Hope that you are having a good holiday and that at least some of you get the day off tomorrow. i do so yeah for me. And when i go back to work on Tuesday i get to leave early so yeah again for me. Things are interesting around here lately. The only plants that survived the heat are mom’s tomatoes but i’ll try again next year. Speaking of mom, she went to visit the grandkids (hers that is lol) and it wasn’t a total disaster which is great. She actually even pulled out the camera to take pictures of them with her instead of running from the camera like normal.

i got an anniversary book from my sorority which made me remember why i worked so hard to get into it in the first place. so next sorority year–which only tangentially coincide with real years lol–i think i’ll go back and work it out. this last year i wanted a break from foolishness and i can’t promise there still won’t be drama but i should at least give it a shot.

other than that not a lot going on. my stomach is more under control with new meds. well more of the old meds really so if that keeps working i’ll cancel my appointment with the gastro and hope for the best. back to cartoon watching ladies and gents even though according to the stats no one is coming by anyway lol.

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