We’ll break for station identification

Well that wasn’t the plan and i do apologize. The last post i made was shortly after the anniversary of my father’s death and i kinda went into a funk after that. Especially since he died a few weeks shy of his birthday so that always comes fresh on the tail of deal with the first anniversary. i just got tired and bored for the most part. The herb garden did not take flight but it wasn’t totally my fault lol. Daddy was trying to help by watering the starter soil pack. What i think He didn’t know was that the container would hold water so you needed to pour off what was sitting there. I think most of the seeds just gave up in the face of all that water but we’ll try again later. At least it was a project we tried together. i went on a cooking and baking spree after that and made a bunch of dinners for the two of us–since mom is visiting my brother–and then made some great white chocolate cupcakes and peanut butter cookies and rice crispy treats that we actually haven’t touched but the cupcakes and cookies are both nearly gone. Nothing much else to tell you really. Be back soon i promise.


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