i went on a posting spree then vanished for a week. a lot has been going on at work and been trying to get all cute cause my hair was doing the who what when where and why thing all at the same time and that was NOT attractive. for those of you that are wondering what happened to the smut i finished two stories yesterday and plan on finishing the other two today so the alphabet will be complete. if i can then get off my duff i will speak to a few people i know that might be interested in publishing it and if that goes well then yeah the other smut may come down as that process goes forward. none of this has anything to do with the title of the post though.

i decided a few weeks ago my bedroom needed a makeover. it had been some combination of red for several years now and i wanted something more soothing. a space that could provide me refuge from the things that go bump in the night and hell in the daytime as well. i wanted a safe space that was set up for me and someone i love to disappear from the rest of the world whenever we needed to. so the idea of sanctuary came to me. no political or scary ties to it just a space that when needed could provide us a private refuge that was just ours and that we could both enjoy for whatever reasons we needed to.

not sure how many of you are familiar with feng shui or not but one of the primary bedroom recommendations is that you and your partner be able to get into the bed freely on each side. now my good friends know, cleaning so not on the top of my list of things to do so in order to achieve that nifty free entry trick it took me the better part of a week to put things back where they belong and provide space around the bed. room looks great and it wasn’t that hard to do but it seemed necessary to provide the space i was going for. i hung a candelabra above the bed and outfitted it with these lovely scented tapered candles. the whole thing has been done in a very calming blue that makes me happy every time i step foot in the room. my original idea has given me more day to day peace inside the walls than i could have imagined.

the only weird thing is i cant sleep on either side of the bed right now. typically i would sleep on the left and move across the bed. now i’m sleeping dead center most nights, almost like i’m waiting on someone to slide in with me. when Daddy starts sliding in with me though, Daddy Bear might be hanging out in the closet with other dolls ROFLMAO. that’s so mean. he’s been chilling with me for years. ok i’m gonna bounce now, need to decide if i’m staying up before i work on Q and X. if you haven’t done it and you need to think about making some room somewhere a safe haven for you too.

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