long time coming

okay boys and girls this is not an announcement i wanted to make ever really especially now since i can’t seem to get in contact with Him at all but i’m taking an RS break. i understand the situation isn’t His doing or His fault. i have tried to be a good soldier and for a while i think i had it down. but this deployment has taken a heavier toll on me than i expected most notably when the anticipated return dates kept passing. i’ve been debating this within myself and with some of you for several months now, well the better part of the year really. but recent things have made it necessary for me to make this decision. hopefully we can sit down and talk when He returns but for now that relationship has to be put to rest. i don’t really want to talk about it too much more than this truthfully and i’ll just have to ask for patience as things shift around the rope. don’t worry i’m not running away, just need to pace out what i’m willing to share about right now.

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