see jill–all i

….Tease me please me spank me feed me you
know what I need baby

the lyrics above are from the last little bit of All I from Jill Scott’s latest cd. i love Jill Scott always have and i do enjoy those last lines as they bring a smile to my face. i like it much more than track 9–title escapes me–i know what Jill was going for there but really if all the Black women vanished off the face of the earth Black men would just marry other women and we wouldn’t know so what would be the point in that. however much i like the lyrics it also makes me sad. even though He knows all those things an would happily spank me whenever He felt a need He’s not home so He can’t do that right now. just made me a little wistful when i heard them and then a little moody.

a friend always jokes with me that i could just find a replacement Dom to fill in until He gets home but really you can’t replace your Dom unless it is time for Him to be kicked to the curb. and by no means am i ready to let Him go anywhere. even if my need for a spanking was really that great and right now it’s not, being sublimated into other areas, there isn’t a person that i could think of that would be able to hurt me without needing it to go further and really i want the after care and closeness as well so that’s really a non starter. i just keep waiting and keep hoping that things will just work themselves out eventually. sooner as opposed to later of course but eventually. oh well, what’s going on with y’all?

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  1. i read this when u posted it but the feed i get from my phone won’t allow me to post and then of course i forgot to go back to the blog.

    i love jill.

    There is NO replacing your One. you are wise. Let’s wait together. Tee hee

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