alice wants to break the looking glass

if this makes the slightest bit of sense i swear it will be an accident. you have been warned now let me figure out where to start. the last few weeks have surely been interesting. busy of course, new addition to the family which is beyond exciting and taking care of things since i’m in the house all by myself. it’s a little odd being in here all by myself to be honest even though i am enjoying the privacy and the idea that i can walk around half naked if i want and she won’t be looking to see if i have added any new tattoos. i haven’t of course but she is so freaking nosy sometimes.

i miss Him but try not to miss Him because that feels like i’m somehow not being as supportive of Him as i could be. i haven’t written to Him in a month at least and i feel bad about that too. nothing has stopped me from doing so other than the pity party i have been having i guess. i’m not being totally productive lol but i’m not an absolute stump. i have been listening to a lot of new music and everytime i think i found something that sort of captures the mood i’m in i’m wrong. zhane’s “off my mind” has been rambling in my brain and the song is fitting until it gets to the whole let’s get back together/i forgive you for being an ass refrain. i’m digging jill scott’s new cd but nothing on there is really what i’m thinking pretty much because she’s breaking up or horny on the entire cd. not that i’m not horny ROFLMAO but that’s not what i’m thinking of when i think of Him all the time. then there is amy winehouse’s “some unholy war.” love it but i can’t really fight at His side, well i’m sure the government might consider it seeing as how they are not going to ever have enough soldiers to sustain the non war we are in. but at the end of the day i really couldn’t be WITH Him that entire time because that’s just not going to be productive for either of us.

i’m feeling a little sad i guess. i don’t like it. i like being retardedly happy when it comes to Him. hopefully this funk passes soon. back to the simpsons now.

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  1. I love being able to walk around

    I know what you mean about missing “Him” but then feeling like by doing so you’re almost doing something wrong.

    i hope that you get to feeling better. I think i’m going to check out some of the songs you listed–I’ve been needing some new music.

    =) I’m Chloe, bythe way. I hope you have a nice night.

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