for those of you that visited my 360 blog lately you might be concerned about the blast that’s posted there but they are a few lyrics from the song that i’m about to post in a second. just as a warning the song is a bit angry sounding rap music for those of you that don’t like that kind of thing. i’m on the final countdown to taking my exam and this has been keeping me smiling as i bust through review after review. i’m a day behind on starting the exams but i finished the last section tonight in a marathon (well technically yesterday considering the time) session and was amazed by how much of it i remembered just outright and how much i disagreed with when i got to the section on the effects of divorce–hazard of doing your dissertation on that topic i guess. regardless that review gave me a needed “i feel smart” boost because this test is slightly overwhelming. trying to balance that with work, missing Him and the Littlest Soldier and taking care of mom and myself and i feel like i need a long nap. i’m taking the day off after my exam and maybe the monday after that but i’m not certain on that one yet.

on another note, i have started my healthier eating kick. wasn’t so bad really. had some snacks that were low cal and properly proportioned. i need to work on making better dinners for myself but the lunch i had was great and also low calorie. i need to up the water intake from non existent to some lol and get back to working out. all in due time. the rest of this year is about taking better care of me so i can take better care of everyone else. okay i’m done, y’all be good.

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  1. Seeeee the working out is my problem. After i hurt my shoulder in that fall i’ve used that pain as my excuse and once again i’ve donated to Gold’s. Hmmm, we need to talk and do some sort of cyber workout buddy thing.

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