it’s quiet over this way

it’s been a busy weekend. i’m doing my crisis coverage which has been relatively tame. hopefully it stays that way over the next few days as there are a billion and one other things that need to have happen over that time too. the studying has been eye opening. i took my first post-test and tanked it lol. wasn’t even close but it made me focus on the areas that i screwed up and post-test two is on track to be a pass. i’m going to hope in the shower and climb into bed with another review section as i prepare to go to bed. it’s not like i’m remotely sleepy anyway and showering tonight will help save some time in the morning when the effect of the not sleepy now is kicking me squarely in the ass. have y’all been watching rock of love? it’s not as bad a train wreck as flavor of love but it’s just weird to watch. scott baio is 45 and single is much funnier. i did get to talk to Roaming Soldier the other day. well it was like 2 in the morning on Saturday but it was good. we talked about family and stuff before He had to go and made me go to bed. which i should start working on now too. y’all be good and keep me and my studying in your prayers lol. then maybe i can get back to the smut.

ETA i just HAD to add this as oh my god this whole trapped in the closet mess is freaking hilarious. chapters 13-22 will hit on the 13/14 and the dvd itself will come out the week i take my exam. i might treat myself if i am up to giggling after the test.

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