gonna wash that gray right out of my hair

i really do have a crap load of gray hair. as soon as i finish this i’m going to go mix up my blowout burgundy and make my hair all nice and shiny again. i’ve had gray hair since i was 12, and while it wasn’t really annoying at the time as they have gotten more plentiful and longer they are very not cool. i’ve been terribly moody lately. i miss Him more than i can say sometimes but i don’t want to blab that all out every day. plus i don’t want to even acknowledge it every day. that’s so damn depressing. it does get me focused on other things sometimes but the last few hormonal days have just been a bitch. so instead of forgetting i’ve been wallowing and listening to anita baker and making plans that i haven’t quite kept lol. oh well, next wednesday is a healthy eating start day. less fried, more planned out meals and the like. and after i take my test next month i’ll get back on the strip aerobics grind. it was fun but didn’t have enough privacy to do it in the old place. i don’t have that excuse anymore and i want to drop some weight and get back in shape soon. if i can be down ten pounds by christmas i’ll be a happy kid. i’ll be a happy kid needing a new box of blowout burgundy but a happy kid. see y’all later.

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