insomnia loves me

howdy folks,

nothing is really going on here. i hoped to be sleeping like a normal person post exam but my body hasn’t decided to play catch up yet. instead i spent the last twenty or so minutes cleaning out my blog roll. with the exception of people that i have some personal connection to i deleted nearly all the blogs that hadn’t been updated within the last three months. most were at five months or longer and i hate that blogs go dark but i also hate clicking on them and seeing nothing new. i figured you did as well so thus some changes were made. i also added some new blogs, mostly to the kinky list, because as a community we do well when we support one another lol. there are things that some of the new links discuss that could be greatly helpful to you and others have been linking to me for quite some time and i figured i should return the favor. if for some reason a blog couldn’t be reached anymore i also deleted the blogs to save folks a bit of frustration.

i’ve been tossing some things over in my brain tonight that i really need to talk to Him about but i haven’t been able to do that yet which totally sucks. beyond that i’m okay i guess. been watching way too much silly television (ie robot chicken) and missing Him. i perused a book called how to survive the bridal wave (that period of time that everyone else you know is getting married) which was funny and would have been front and center on my bookshelf about three years ago. now it’s interesting but not something i have to have. instead i’ve been more invested in looking at a career girl’s guide to becoming a stepmother. i can’t say that i’m super career girl but it has been giving me something else to do. of course in these moments i start thinking about other things as well.

i wrote a whole lot of crap just now and deleted it. i need to talk to Him about that first. y’all have a nice night.


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  1. wait a damn minute………sleep like a NORMAL person? good gawd you know none of us are normal. What are you thinking girlfriend lol

    Big Huggggs

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