okay maybe sleeping is overrated

so i went to bed late last night but not super late for me. as reward for me getting more rest i had a very bizarre dream. i was in a cabin with my mother and brother and needed to go shower so i could go to campus. my brother walked me out to the facilities and went into another shower area while i went into the “girls” area and ran into one of the girls from my doctoral cohort. we looked down and screamed which brought my brother over to see what had us screaming and there was a man in drag handcuffed under the grate. my brother shook his head and walked off as i was saying call the cops. cuffy said leave him alone and let him take his punishment like a big girl. my friend and brother “reminded” me of who cuffy was and then i got dressed and we walked the mile or so to campus.

as soon as i got there, we parted ways and i ended up on a train/bus to an amusement park. my niece was there, she was like four instead of sixteen but still there, looking adorable and i was talking to Roaming Soldier but i couldn’t see His face. someone that i liked to flirt with was there too but he was the one sitting with me not RS. so we go to the park and everyone is having fun and i am very confused but am enjoying the flirting so i continue it. we take the kids to get some food and have to stop them from eating on the floor. we had been arguing once we went out for food, me and the other women there, about where to go and how to get there because they kept getting lost and getting on my nerves. then all of a sudden flirty starts getting on my nerves and says something rude that makes me upset. i want to leave but of course i didn’t drive plus my niece is having a blast so it would be mean to take her out. so i’m sitting there looking frustrated and then RS walks over to my end of the table and He leaned over and kissed me. He told me that everything would be okay after He broke the kiss and then i woke up.

it was so odd and that’s what i get for going to bed on time lol. see y’all

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