the storm is over now

okay so that is reaching a bit but i’m two days past my test now and my brain isn’t as mushy nor am i feeling so crappy about my total lack of intelligence. the test felt horrible. i mean i knew stuff and would be feeling good and then go what the hell is this. but apparently that’s what everyone feels like so i don’t feel too bad about that anymore. plus i spoke with two people i know and love and understand this process which made me feel better too. now it’s a waiting game until i get my scores. keep your fingers crossed for me.

so while i was in recovery mode–still in recovery mode but the first few hours post test is what i mean–i went and watched the last chapters of trapped in the closet by r. kelly. he needs therapy, long-term intense therapy, and jesus and drugs lol. it was hilarious but he was so wrong for it not wrapping up the damn plot line. now i really do think he’s gonna make this an ongoing saga that will just release more chapters until he gets bored and doesn’t like the stories anymore. if you liked the first twelve by all means watch the new ones cause it’s funny to see what he comes up with but don’t expect a stunning conclusion cause you aint getting it. i was about to write a blog called i hate r. kelly’s ass but i was too busy laughing to write it out.

okay now that i’ve told you i’m still alive and that the test is over i am going to go flip through bridal magazines and watch the futurama marathon.

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