well that’s a fine to do

i have nothing earth shattering to tell you. much to my surprise i was able to talk to Roaming Soldier on His birthday briefly. He wasn’t particularly happy that day and then the computer kept acting crazy so we’d get interrupted mid conversation more often than not. i tried to work on my rule number one but it was hard to do that in between the frequent shut owns and just overall lack of good mind space on His part. it’s hard to see Him not so happy. in all the time that i have known Him a few words from His little girls and He is usually a happy camper. i think two birthdays away from home and no immediate end date in sight had Him a little on edge.

other than that life is quiet. i finally found a wedding planner i actually like after months of flipping through tons of them from the library. none of the bridal bouquet books i’ve seen have been all that impressive so i’ll just stick with the one i found months ago. the etiquette books could drive you crazy but i found a easy to understand and incredibly cheap because it was on abebooks.com copy of one i liked too. of course i need none of this remotely anytime soon. i’d be shock and amazed if He proposed the moment He came home. but hey i wouldn’t turn Him down if He did. engaging in my random girly moments gives me a tiny bit of normal life calm so i treasure them lol. i should be studying and if i don’t start hammering down soon i’ll be in trouble. i really wish He was home to give me more motivation to get myself together. ahh well i think something is wrong with godaddy again so this may not get posted till tomorrow. see ya


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  1. wow, for a random label i think that blog post had a great deal of insight. i know that you will do everything to relieve his stress upon his return. Hey, have a birthday party. Ooooh, i had a great idea! Go me.

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