god i’m babbling

i’m not sure what this post is going to turn into because my brain is kinda all over the place. i haven’t been studying nearly as much as i should even when i have the time. i am almost begging for Him to discover that and well get on my case. being pseudo independent is not all that much fun. especially right now in the midst of birthdays, anniversaries, father’s day and the impending 4th of july weekend. all these times when we should be together and be a family i am sitting awake slightly hoping to get punished. i know that’s being incredibly bratty and i should just do what i need to because it will make Him proud but so have no motivation to do so right now. i’m not in the middle of subbie blues–at least i don’t think i am–i’m just blah from time to time when i’m not talking to Him or distracted with something else. last night’s distraction was browser issues that have since righted themselves. tonight was father’s day cards to the men in my life that need them–that is except Him whose card was mailed a tiny eon ago and Twin Soldier because i forgot to mail a mother’s day card to Twin Soldier’s wife and that just seemed really rude to me thinking about it now. it didn’t even come up at the time. and if i didn’t agonize over what to put in His mother’s card i would have truly been at a loss with Twin Soldier’s wife. Twin did get a birthday card–quite funny if i do say so myself–and i’ll be sending her a birthday card as well. i am a card girl if you haven’t figured that out.

i have been a bit off center. i have been talking a mile a minute and jumping topics when i do which i’m sure has entertained Night Owl even when she has not the slightest idea what i’m talking about. i really think we’re, me and Him, are in need of a long week together. He’s tired and frustrated and i am definitely in need of His hands wrapped around me. where they choose to roam is totally up to Him but i do miss being close to Him. all this pent up sexual frustration is not a good thing really. either that part of my psyche is just going to go dormant or i’m gonna be so hyper when He gets back that i might dehydrate Him. okay so the second scenario is more likely but still that’s not a good thing.

so the last thing on my mind is something that has sorta come up on two discussion groups i belong to. can you be a sub/slave if you have a Dom? of course i think the state of mind is possible but what do you do when you have no one to furnish all that attention and give over control to? i think you could potentially do what i did and pray that your toys don’t die during the period of separation. well provided you are allowed access to the toys. that isn’t to say this has been easy. there are times when i just don’t let me brain enjoy the sexual things that are running through it because i want Him and not the nice automated fill in i’ve had for Him since He left. and then there are times when how much i love Him totally overwhelms me and if it means that we have to be apart a few more months then screw it. when He’s home He’ll do thins to me that i used to only dream about and now have found someone that matches the depravity of my overactive brain. 98 percent of the time i do what i know He would expect of me and some things He would never ask of me. in those moments my submission to Him are clear and concise. and then i’m just mopey go lightly and start waiting for my spanking to get me back on track. ahh go figure. i don’t know if i’m making sense anymore so i’m going to bed.


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  1. what do you do the other 2% of the time?
    See thats how i am. about 95% of the time i follow that little yellow brick road Sir has laid out for me so pretty but that other 5% of the time i have NO idea what takes over my mind or body i do what i want when i want and then have to pay for it ……

    Big huggggggggggs

  2. the other two percent of the time i am a royal pain in the ass. i do enough to keep Him from putting me on permanent time out but just enough. i get mopey and moody and really just act like a brat. thankfully He’s good as long as i admit that i have been a brat. i’m in trouble now but not as much as i would have been had i not fessed up to being a brat.

  3. Ok, we need to discuss this subbie blues thing. Is it anything near the skin hunger i feel or is this additional to the skin hunger. Man, i need a spanking something awful.

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