Daddy 1, brat 0

well He finally saw that i hadn’t really been studying as much as i should have and was able to talk to me about what i was doing or not doing as the case may be. i’m on a wee bit of a punishment if i don’t get my act together tout suite. so i may come back and update this later tonight but right now i have to handle the test construction section at least. have a good day ladies and gents.

edit: okay so i finished my test construction section in between a client crisis and boring tv line up. i’ll get to work on social psychology in the morning. that virtual ass slap seems to have gotten me back to work.

1 thought on “Daddy 1, brat 0”

  1. Seee, Him great Daddy. Him knows that one ass slap might get it started but a brat (such as yourself) might need a few more. Go RS, Go RS. Wooohooo. Hmmm, who’s side am i on? :::snicker:::

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