a day between Daddies

is daddies spelled right? obviously so as my spell check didn’t just flag it. anyway today is june 6, 2007. nothing stellar in the grand scheme of the world. it’s just another day in this year that is somewhat zipping by for me. the year hasn’t progressed exactly as i hoped but what can you do when plans go awry. but today is a day of emotional pause for me. some of you know that my father died shortly before i started working on my phd. the anniversary of the his death was a few weeks ago. i prepped a post and deleted it because my head was in a weird space and i wasn’t saying what i wanted to clearly. today is the day after my father would have turned 61. the day after i would have made him a lovely cheesecake or pecan pie and grilled up some steaks i marinated overnight and had of course a nice healthy serving of mashed potatoes. we would have been goofy and watched cartoons and given him gifts. it would have been a good day.

instead i had a trip to the gynecologist–always lovely fun eh ladies–and a trip to the hair dresser and a took a swing by the library and post office. not a bad day but not the day i would have had with my dad.

today is a day of emotional rest as i said as it is also the day before Roaming Soldier’s birthday. He will be joining me at 31 years of age. that’s right ladies and gents in case you didn’t know i snagged myself a younger man lol. okay so He’s not much younger and i’m sure the foot and a half He has on me covers the six months quite nicely. and tomorrow i will go to work, study for that nasty exam if no clients pop up and then do my grocery store run and come home. i may or may not get to talk to Him and actually wish Him happy birthday tomorrow but regardless He knows He’s loved as i sent a just because, birthday, and father’s day cards in the middle of may to make sure they would get to Him by tomorrow. yippee for me that they did. and while He likely would have gotten a card shower if He were home i could have so taken the day off–since i got my hair all nice and spiffy yesterday lol–and spent it with Him, Littlest Soldier and mom until the evening when i secreted Him off to a nice hotel to soak in a sauna and give Him a nice back rub and then give Him that stashed paddle and let Him work off any pent up aggression turning 31 may have visited upon Him. yeah that would have been fun. but we won’t be doing that either.

so it’s shortly after midnight and my middle day is here. i’ll be good again until father’s day lol but at least my brother will be here for me to torment lol. y’all have a good night.


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