welcome to the randomness redux

howdy folks. i haven’t meant to be back in witness protection but i have needed to take heavy doses of drugs this week to keep from shooting at people. my pain threshold is abnormally high except a few days a month. then i just want to sleep and eat and watch things that make me cry. like the link right below. you can watch the whole episode but this is the best part and it just makes me go awww that right there is beautiful. now some will go what is she talking about? that woman left her wedding but if you watched the show at the time you’ll know why it was so beautiful.

other than crying and watching sappy things i have been listening to Maroon 5‘s new cd it won’t be soon before long which i love. it’s not like their first cd at all really. songs about jane was more lovey dovey and sweet. it had moments of inspiration and it was light. this cd seems to have been written as an end to an intense love affair. of course it could just seem that way but it felt like i was walking through a complicated break up. anyway i really have like it especially track 4 which plays into my somewhat warped sense of humor. the song is called wakeup call but this is definitely not the kind of wake up most of us would want to have. it’s very shit damn motherfucka for those of you that like d’angelo. but of course without the r&b spin that the resident voodoo child would have put on it. i got the disc at best buy so i got a 2 track bonus disc that i actually like those songs a LOT and felt like they should have been included on the main cd. the one at target apparently has dvd content so just think about which one is more important to you if you decide to pick it up and i have to say i can gladly recommend it.

moving on. i have been thinking about weddings and marriage and life and love and while i am sure that He is the man that i am meant to be with, i keep trying to put myself in check so that i can handle living day to day without Him here. i started new smut but He interrupted it and i haven’t got around to finish it. i’ll give you a hint though, it visit the letter I as i have been given the leftover vowels to work on. until then go read a cookie peddling story and if you are really nice i’ll post the one that has been kept off the radar till now.

see ya

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  1. Thinking wedding and all?? I got a proposal while being in Cuba 2 weeks ago… Isn’t wonderful??? I wish you’ll be next!

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