all quiet on the home front

there is nothing going on here tonight. i have enjoyed my time off immensely and yesterday after lunch i took in a couple of movies. i rarely go to the movies so this was a treat. i watched pirates first–which is long so don’t go get a huge drink if you have a weak bladder because you will need to go at least once–i loved it. i didn’t watch all of part 2 so there was a bit of catch up to be made but really all of the different storylines interwove quite nicely for me. i didn’t like a piece of the end but that’s because it just seem so wrong. i won’t say more than that because some of you might be going to see it but really go see it at the theaters s you can enjoy the lovely sound system. and if you can go early enough in the day to avoid the die hard pirates fans and the plethora of quiet children that followed me to shrek the third. now shrek was cute it just wasn’t as engaging as the first two had been. the thing is though when i thought back over certain scenes i still laughed just as hard at home as i had at the theater so it could have just been a let down after the build up that came during pirates. and i loved how they played on some other fairy tales to make this shrek. the end was entirely too cute and i had to order myself a present from build a bear from the movie. i also gave my mommy a card which she still hasn’t said anything about. that kinda hurts as i wrote a lot a the back of it but what can you do with other people. anyhoo i wasn’t expecting the weekend to get much more interesting as we had a mommy nail run to make but it did.

when i got home today after studying and feeling smart because i understood what i was reviewing i found three packages sitting in front of my door that contained about 10 of the movies that i lost in the move and two new seasons of series i loved. yeah baby. i haven’t watched any of them yet but i like em i like em. no word from Roaming Soldier but that is typical for a week or two stretch. just hope He can say hi soon. other than that enjoy the meme below. i’m gonna finish my cookies.

1. Ever kissed a blonde haired, blue eyed person?
only baby droolia cause it makes her giggle

2. Can you see a phone right now?

3. What are you listening to?
theme music

4. Where is it coming from?

5. Last thing you ate?
tombstone pizza

6. Last thing you saw on TV?
law and order svu

7. Who was the last person other than family you saw?

8. Song stuck in your head?
nothing at the moment

9. Last movie you went to?
double feature, pirates of the caribbean at world’s end and shrek the third

10. Do you have a tan right now?
i have a permanent tan called melanin

11. Do you dance while getting ready for… whatever?

12. What are you wearing?

13. What is the most people you’ve been naked in front of?
they’re all dead now so it doesn’t matter (ok so they aren’t dead but it was an accident and i like to think they are dead)

14. Have you ever watched the movie Rockstar?
i saw half of it when it was in the middle of night and i couldn’t sleep

15. Have you ever taken a bath/shower while you were drunk or high?
once or twice

16. Do you like techno?
not at all

17. Has anyone ever walked in on you while having sex?
unfortunately yes

18. What is one country you want to go to?
South Africa

19. Have you ever made out on a plane?
not at all

20. Have you ever jumped up on stage when a band was playing?
i don’t think so but some concerts are hazy

21. Do you have leadership skills?

22. Are you musically inclined?
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

23. Have you ever sat on a roof and looked at stars?

24. Ever done that while talking on the phone to a…person/loved one?

25. Does the song Stairway To Heaven make you sad?
Umm no

26. Do you have alcohol in your room?
rubbing alcohol in the bathroom is about it

27. Who was the last person to make you laugh?
Night Owl

28. Do you have any instruments in your room?
do tambourines in the closet count

30. I say SHOTGUN, you say…
do the jerk baby

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