witness protection is scary

well i disappeared now didn’t i? last week was hectic and i was still on call which i hate lol and then thankfully it was over. which is fine in the grand scheme of things but last friday was the anniversary of my father’s death. it’s always a weird day. some years i’m okay and others were like friday and i was really ready to just climb in bed and hide from people. which is what i did all day saturday. sunday i had a meeting and then i went back to bed. i’ve been on vacation this week and that’s good but it’s given me way too much time to think and miss my dad and Him. haven’t done much beyond get some groceries and get into an interesting argument with my mother. it’s been kinda lonely all things considered but not as bad as it could be i guess. i know He loves me just like my daddy did but not having either one of them home sucks. okay moving on to slightly less depressing things.

i colored my gray hair today. i have tons of it and have since i was a pre-teen. they say it’s a sign of good luck but right now it’s just annoying. plus my blowout burgundy was turning more of an icky brown mixed with dark brown roots and my interspersing of gray. so now i’m back to my loreal feria preferred color lol. i also made dinner for my mother and wished my brother happy birthday at an appropriate hour. it wasn’t a bad day just missed the men in my life including that boy who got a little older this year. i mean he’s been with me for nearly three full decades so we have shared a lot of good and not so good times together. i’m not unhappy with my life right now i’m just not feeling like my firing on all cylinder’s self. oh well if you want to see some cool digitally created graphics check out the website below. have a nice night, i’ll be back soon.


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  1. Hugs. i mean i know we talk but your blogs show such a different more in depth side of you.

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