the future of the race

anyone that has visited my blog for a while knows i have really strange dreams sometimes. well the dream i had last night (well it’s last night for me because i still haven’t been back to sleep yet) is possibly the strangest one i’ve had in a while. it didn’t start off that way. i was daydreaming about Roaming Soldier tying me up and having His way with me and then all of a sudden i noticed we weren’t at our home anymore. as a matter of fact, i couldn’t tell where we were. there were kids running around, some that i knew to be ours but others that were totally foreign to me. my mother was no where to be found and while that would normally make me do a happy dance for a while things felt weird. the world it seems was a little post-apocalyptic and now that i’m pondering it i don’t think any of my family was around beyond Roaming Soldier and our kids.

anyway, so the world doesn’t seem quite right and we are no where near home. i see a few famous and pseudo famous black men (actors, athletes, doctors, lawyers, kefla from road rules—no idea why he was there lol) who are ushering us into a meeting place to apparently explain why we were there. these men had been tapped by the remaining leaders of the Black community to gather themselves, their mates or suitable women to help rebuild the Black race from the rubble and chaos that had been present. i turned to look at Roaming Soldier and for some reason He was nodding and just hugged me closer to Him. i was beyond confused as they continued. we had been chosen because we represented the best hope for the community between the intelligence present in the room, the genetic material, and commitment to the community. again i’m still looking around like you have to be kidding me but Roaming Soldier is not moving like we will be leaving anytime soon. the designated leader goes on to say that no one is promised to remain within the confines of this new mecca and that others had already been turned away (wesley snipes had been denied entry for committing “atrocities against the race” they didn’t explain and really that just made me laugh because all i could think of was all those interracial love scenes he had done in his movies over the years so i let it go which incidentally is odd because i have several friends and family members that are interracial couples).

the time passes quickly while i’m there. i mingle with lots of the other women as short of farming and setting up schools and basic society needs there isn’t a whole lot to do there. there are a fair number of submissive women mixed in with these former lawyers and school teachers and doctors and the like. i say former because well it just didn’t look like we were ever going back to those lives. we’d do those things within the new community but that’s it. as strange as all of it was i was mostly happy. the only thing i am not particularly sure about was who was sleeping with whom. we all know that RS isn’t really down with sharing His little girl. but it seemed like within reason the men that had brought their wives with them were expected to share them with anyone they deemed okay. i did have to finally tell Him that one of the two folks He was considering to be on His short list were getting on my nerves and making me a little creeped out. He told me that was okay and promised they wouldn’t bother me anymore. He gave me a kiss and then went off to play with our youngest son. i woke up not too long after that.

now you might be wondering what i ate before bed, nothing at all. i didn’t have any stimulating conversation with anyone about the Black community before bedtime. and i do understand that i have been thinking about having kids with Roaming Soldier and manage to work them into most of the smut He inspires but really–little old me as a building block to the rebuilding of Black community seems like a big stretch. i’m short, periodically perceived as rude, finicky as all creation and prone to be bored easily. and if i don’t get my music fix i promise i’d be all kinds of a problem. as i’m thinking back on the dream now i can’t tell if we were completely cut off from the rest of the world or not. it was just strange. so who thinks i’d be sent packing with Roaming Soldier for telling someone off? ok i haven’t eaten since 4PM and i’m starving. any weird dreams i have tonight will be totally explained.


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  1. You know sis some of your dreams are really inspiring to me….and i’m sure many others.

    I know i’m part Italian and i’m Jewish but i really wish i knew my families history. Right now i feel like a girl without a past…..

    Big hugggs sis

  2. thanks mija but really i can’t say i know more about my past than you do. i’m just able to touch base with a LOT of family who have roots in their respective communities for a while. but if you’re interested in doing some research let me know i might be able to find some stuff to help you out.

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