right about now, funk soul brother

apparently i’m feeling pretty silly today and that’s okay. our “spring break” is almost over and i don’t have to work on friday. i caught up on my paperwork and got one of the recommendations i needed for my licensure application done. now i’m just sorta lolly gagging around the house and playing on pogo to entertain myself. i find myself in a very strange place for a change.

i am just sort of calm. there are no paper to write. no assignments that must be done. just being still and enjoying being in my life at the present moment. i am happy to report that i finally got the paddle i ordered for Him in October–long story–but it looks great and i got a bonus one for my wait so that’s always good. my digital camera is having a fit but it’s under warranty so they are at least going to attempt to fix it for me. i just had to get a copy of my receipt because i am not one to keep boxes of things i buy especially almost three months after the purchase. but i got that from best buy today and i’ll mail that in tomorrow. it takes 7 to 10 business days allegedly so we’ll be timing that too.

other than that things are pretty normal. have a fight with mom, make dinner, forget about it, hug her before bed and call it a day. i have been thinking about an april’s fool joke but nothing is coming up that seems like it would be fun. i’ve also been thinking about babies but i think that’s just because unlike i firmly believed many many years i actually have a biological clock and it is ticking in time with the new robin thicke cd ROFLMAO. okay so maybe not just in time with that it’s quietly starting to find a rhythm. thankfully i have a wonderful man in mind to knock me up when the time comes lol. okay i think that’s it for now. be good and i’ll lay some new smut on you soon.

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