welkom, willkommen, bienvenue, velkommen

clearly i’m in a good mood today even though i missed Roaming Soldier earlier. i had a sorority meeting and He logged on in the middle of it. but i got four hours out of the house and missing good bonding time with mommy kins. the meeting wasn’t four hours lol but i was gone for a minute which was good. it’s time for leftovers which is good because i wasn’t in the mood to cook whatsoever. i missed Him though. i hate when we don’t get to talk when He’s finally able to get some time to speak to me. i know He loves me though as He told me so and stuff lol.

i’ve had some interesting dreams but nothing that needs to be analyzed at all. just weird clips of things falling into place that are random but nothing important. now i’m looking at grease you’re the one that i want and i’m wondering why this hasn’t gone off yet. i did watch a bit of miss usa last night (i think it was last night, could have been friday at this point) and was struck by how you can still skip most of the show and be utterly bored in 10 minutes before they announce the winner. if you like beauty pageants then i’m sorry for saying as much but good lord 10 minutes of strange questions, walking and prancing before a pretty arbitrary decision takes place is just not all that interesting. no i didn’t have to watch but they let jerry springer judge which was funny and i’ll have to admit to being fascinated by the host walking around on 5 inch hills when she is VERY VERY pregnant. ehhh yippee for miss tennessee (or should that be the former miss tennessee) who won.

nothing much is happening right around the moment. i’ve been watching silly things on tv and this clip of trapped in the drive thru by weird al which is just too silly. it’s long though so if you click on it be warned. now something has come up the last week or so that made me go folks think too much. there’s another clip floating around the net of a little boy dancing and singing songs by beyonce and there have been a plethora of comments about the boy, his parents, his sexuality and the like. the thing that makes me scratch my head is why any of that is necessary. most of us sang songs by our favorite artists when we were little. we were just lucky enough not to have parents with video cameras and net access. i didn’t watch that clip in its entirety because well i hate beyonce’s songs so i didn’t feel like listening to it but i’m thinking it’s just a little kid. leave the boy alone. i’d hate to have seen what prince would have been bopping around to at the same age in this day and time but i pray it wouldn’t be beyonce lol. enjoy weird al though.

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  1. long time no get at, reddy red. now check this shit…

    that weird al shit is funny as hell. the fact that my man shedded a tear over his onions had me crying myself.

    but yo, i saw that clip of the boy singing ol’ yukmouth’s songs. its not that he’s just singing em, but the kid is doing more sashaying than shante ever did. fa real… some shit, no matter who we listened to, we just ain’t do as little boys.

    i bet he got all sisters and no daddy

  2. Ok, we talked about most of this but i was NOT ready for trapped in the drive thru – too funny.

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