i spent the day in bed

see how much more fun it would have been to say that if someone was home in bed WITH me instead of just me the bears and the elephant. i called in this morning because my body is just too run down right now. i keep working and working and working so eventually that had to catch up with me. depending on how i feel tomorrow morning i may have to call in then as well–thank God i have so much vacation and sick time coming to me that i could take about a month and a half off before i started getting in any serious trouble financially. i’ll probably go back, we’re short staffed on thursdays or i may stay home and just be there bright and early on friday after getting some more rest.

as everyone can see the follow up for W is up beneath this post. so that means i need to work on the next smutty piece for Him now. dinner was good and i didn’t fuss at my mother. i’ll get her handicap sticker tomorrow if i can sneak out of my office a little early. well let me go back to bed now. hope everyone is doing okay in their parts of the globe.

3 thoughts on “i spent the day in bed”

  1. Wow . . . you stayed home. Oh my goodness. BUT, i’m not surprised. your body would have had to do this one day. i’m also shocked that you and moms are existing in the same plain. Cool

  2. You need a day at a spa. You would love it. Or hell nevermind you need a day with the phone off and in bed sleeping.
    But either way i’m glad you stayed home you deserved and need it.

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