anniversary redux or what a difference a year makes

howdy folks

how is life treating ya? hope all is well across the globe in your homes and with you and yours. today is a fantabulous day. i joined my sorority three years ago today and last year i met the tall dashing gentleman Dom you all know as Roaming Solider. after wishing me a happy anniversary He was a total open goofball that made me laugh on what started off as a super crappy day. it’s amazing what the course of a few hours will do. i came home from work that day really tired but not really upset about what had transpired earlier–i had resolved myself to that before it happened afte all–so i was just planning on relaxing and minding my business. i got an unexpected im that night from a friend of a friend. well i didn’t know that’s who He was and i was really about to close my window because there were a lot of pervy men offering to spank me since “that’s what you’re into” and i wasn’t trying to add to my collection of the annoying. but who’d have thunk it that He was well spoken and polite and made me smile a big foolish smile. however, being my typical cautious self i figured i’d never hear from Him again or if i did something odd would be happening and then i’d have to let Him go. joke was on me though. He’s been hanging in with all the silliness and stress and pouting and kink that is red velvet and has been handling it all in stride.

i get to reclaim my day today. it’s a doubly special day at this point. i get to reflect on why i chose my organization and what it means to me now that i have been inside its confines for the last few years. and i get to recommit myself to moving forward with the ideals of the organization fresh on my mind. and now i also get to reflect on this wonderful addition to my life. i get to think about where i hope we are a year from now and all the years after that. He inspires my smut and makes me want to be a better person for myself, my family and for Him. don’t know what i did to make sure things lined up on this date but i will continue to enjoy it. okay i’m gone now—getting sleepy


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  1. ahh it means something not pleasant happened earlier in the day last year but that was replaced and outshined by the nice kinky Man that i’m with now

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