long time no type

well i thought i had written something down before now and i guess i must have did that in one of my retarded very realistic dreams again. so this week has been hectic lol. had major commitments on monday and friday night that kept me out so damn late it was out of control. might not have been a major issue but we moved this week. i hate moving, i hate arranging movers, i hate packing and unpacking. the only good thing about moving is when i get tired of packing crap i throw it away. i have no qualms about it, stuff just gets tossed and that’s always good. so now we are in unpack mode and getting used to a new place and the issues the new place has as it’s idiosyncrasies. getting the temperature adjusted in a way that feels good for both of us. and of course because i was tired and out late last night, the all day meeting i had today just made both of us cranky. everyone is better now but now i’m just in bed, tired and sore, missing Roaming Soldier. He left me a troubling albeit sweet message. i know what He’s doing is dangerous. i grasp that entirely but it’s still not something i let my conscious mind hold on to very long. wednesday i couldn’t escape it for a little while. it made me not so happy but i feel better now. it could be due to the exhaustion and all that but i’m feeling better.

i’m really feeling better now as i went to sleep lol. i’m feeling rested at least. i still have some errands to run and some stuff to do in my room and around the house but when it’s done we should be all settled in then. okay well i think that’s enough babbling for me. if i hear anything new or get inspired for smut i’ll let you know.

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