updates and the poor poor kitties

okay so i’m still okay. my week off from sorority stuff got hijacked so i’ve been mia again. i’ve also been worried about Roaming Soldier and was trying to keep some of that to myself for a change. things are mostly fine and after this weekend i really SHOULD get a break for a while and that would be good. i can wash and put up my clothes and sort through some boxes.

work is fine. i’m collecting more wedding invitations and if i can get the font right on one then i MIGHT have found the one that i would like and if He likes it too we are in business. the house is nice and short of the temperature regulation in each room it’s cool. i love having a garage to park in each night and not worry about hoodlums running into my car in the middle of the night. and it’s worth the little extra each month just to have the extra space.

i won’t go into great detail about the kitties because it will make someone’s head hurt. but really feel bad for them lol. okay i am going to go relax and hopefully go to sleep soon.


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