can red velvet come out and play?

well now i can. sorry about disappearing folks. the computer is having a bit of a tantrum as of late and my dissertation chair and i suddenly got on the let’s finish this damn thing bug and as of 8 minutes ago i have submitted my final draft to her and save a few minor rewrites i should be dr. velvet by the middle of november. it will be the end of a stupendously long journey prolonged by stops and starts on my end mostly. but the next time i show up at a reunion i can make this one chick’s head hurt more than it did when i told her i got my master’s before she had lol. i don’t reccomend getting your master’s in eighteen months but it can be done depending on your program and institution. so counting up that semi early kindergarten start and early exit from high school i have spent all but five years of my life in school somewhere. granted i have been working this last year but really i was still on the rolls at my old university. no mas, no more, nu uhn. as long as things go well at my defense then the day after i turn 31 i will be hooded as dr. velvet (there’s a stole thing they put over your head and call it hooding in case you were wondering lol) and then i can get a series of raises as i am now a doctor and will sit for my licensing exam as soon as possible afterwards. yeah well no kink tonight just yippee lol. but i promise in a day or so there will be some brand new piping hot smut for you to devour. oh and i guess as soon as that is done i can get back to work on my side projects and maybe get a full anthology or kinky novel out.

okay off to roam the net in celebration.

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  1. Wow! i am so incredibly proud of you, sis. i regret hearing about the PC but i can relate. i’m back from my trip so i’m reading now.

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