it’s all the rage

okay coffee at darkconnections has gotten me hooked on StarDolls. i went on a spending spree last night and now i’m all tapped out. soooooo for those of you that are clicking around over this way be sure to click THIS LINK so that you can both see my doll and get one of your own. as soon as you get your sign up completed you get 50 fake bucks to go shopping with and i get ten more to feed my habit. i need to decorate the front room, please play nice with me (god that could be so misconstrued lol) and i’ll love ya forever.

i’ll post later. i was going to last night but exhaustion got the best of me. new smut is working its way out of my brain and into pages for Him. as soon as i’m done killing the kitties i’ll be sure to post it all for you. in the mean time, let a sista go fake shopping for my virtual self so i can be all artificially sultry for my electronic fans.

love ya

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