the room beneath the stairs

she had showered, put on some pajamas and did her nightly rounds. He was waiting and she wanted to make sure everyone was okay but she didn’t want to keep Him waiting too long either. her mother was snoring, the kids were losing the battle with sleep when she came in to each room and kissed them goodnight. He was watching her from their other room. her only stipulation when it was built was that they be able to see the rooms while they were down there. they might not always be focused on them but in case a kid woke up suddenly they wanted to be able to regroup and get to them quickly. tonight that probably wouldn’t be an issue. they took everyone out to the amusement park and they come home exhausted. she made one final pass and then headed to the ground floor. she double checked the locks, turned off the lights in the kitchen and then headed down to the basement.

He waited for her to come through the door and then turned off the lights. He watched her undress by candelight and happily took in her frame as it was kissed by the glow. she sat on a chair and smiled at Him before lowering her head. it was a cue and they went from there. He ran His hands over her legs, freshly shaved just like her pussy because He requested them to be, before stopping at her feet. He started moving rope over her ankles first. she squirmed a bit to see if she could move and when she realized that wasn’t possible she just sat there and watched the rope bind her feet into a small curve. His hands worked the same pattern twice and then asked her to stand. she felt like she was standing on point and nearly fell without His assistance. “Just in case you got the urge to run I figured we would try something new.”

she smiled and sat back down. the rope went up her legs and thighs and got a bit tighter. it slipped between her thighs and caressed her clit before digging into her pelvis and hips. He put two knots on each hip and began a more intricate criss cross pattern over her back and breasts. when He was satisfied with that bondage, He placed her arms together behind her back and then tied her wrists snugly. He made sure that He wrapped the rope between her hands and then left loose rope hanging to the floor. He spun her around gave her a quick swat on the ass and then gave her a peck on the lips. He adjusted the hooks in the ceiling and then threaded her rope through all three hooks. He then tied it to another hook that hid under His desk. if He ever got bored He figured He’d pull it through that hook, under her feet and then attach it to a lever to roll the cord around until she was suspended higher in the air than she was now. at the moment her feet were grazing the floor but she was at such an awkward angle her head was going to be fuzzy soon.

He sat and observed her while He drank from a brandy snifter. He stood up eventually and rummaged through their toys to find what He was looking for. before He began, He took some pictures of her nicely bound up and then grabbed a paddle. He checked the monitor and then proceeded to warm her ass. He stopped long enough to unbutton His shirt but the pause made her look around for Him. when He saw her pleading expresson He smiled at her and returned to spanking her. it had been a while since they were able to spend any time alone. the kids had been sick, her mother was throwing a tantrum and they had both been travelling for work. she needed the pain as much as He needed to share it with her. He spanked her until they were both starting to sweat from the effort. He stopped to admire the Daddy imprint on her ass before snapping another set of pictures and then putting the paddle away. He clamped her nipples with a Y clip and then toyed with her clit until it was good and engorged. He moved the rope and then clamped the quivering little button. He relished the look of pain on her face as the pressure from the clamps increased. He went back to the toy drawer and pulled out a riding crop and cane. He showed both of them to her but her recognition of either was minimal at best. He decided to test her tolerance with the cane. she could float off with familiar pain but they rarely used the cane and it might make her whimper like a baby. the strokes were slow but hard and well placed. when it connected with a particularly sweet spot her whole body shook. she was starting to squirm but no screaming. that’s what He wanted. hell it was what she needed but she wasn’t ready yet and He was honestly okay with that. the strokes continued, slow and steady and hard. it was in between the thirteenth and fourteenth stroke that she broke. she mewed, moaned, started crying and begging Him to stop. He landed the fifteenth stroke on her already red ass before He put the cane away.

He walked over to the hook in the floor and cut the rope. He was careful to lower the rope so that she wouldn’t fall to the floor in a heap. He brought her over to the desk and lay her across it. He contemplated untying her but He decided against it. He unzipped His pants and pulled His dick out before walking to the other side of the desk. she saw it and suck it into her mouth before He could give her a command. He didn’t slap her bottom this time for doing so without permission but He made a note of it. her tongue was working its way down His shaft and inching His orgasm out of Him. He pulled out of her mouth and returned to her smarting bottom. He bent at the knee and slid inside of her. they had the slowest, most intense sex they had had in years. there was no threat of interruption. no urgent meeting to rush off to. it was just the two of them, on the desk in their room. her clamps dug into the desk as He stroked inside of her. she winced from the pain but only shoved herself back to meet His thrusts. feeling her skin under the ropes was making Him high. He slowed down until He was basically just resting in her wetness and let her pussy clench around Him. little tremors fired around Him as one tiny orgasm after another ripped through her. He felt Himself throbbing and decided not to fight the urge to cum. He slammed into her as quickly as their position and the rope would allow. His knees driving hers into the desk. she started moaning loudly and He stuffed His fingers inside her mouth. she sucked them with the same force and attention as she had lavished on His dick. that drove Him over the edge and He felt three big streams of nut spurt inside of her. He sat still while her convulsions continued around His dick.

when she was done, He stood up. He stuck His dick back in His pants still covered with their fluids. He carefully cut her ropes loose and helped her back into her robe. He tossed the pj’s aside and led her back to their bedroom. He washed her off in the shower and took His sleepy little girl to bed with Him. her head found its familiar resting place and He kissed her forehead. they talked briefly and He remembered that He had left the camera and would have to get it tomorrow. they watched the moon as each drifted off to sleep.

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