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okay so in the midst of that long rambling post, and especially in light of the fact that Charlotte asked me about it in her comments, it now comes to my attention that i never actually posted what my rules are. well i will rectify that now but i will be editing them so they make sense. by that i mean the original rules were given in the context of a long conversation and they wouldn’t translate easily here as they were written there.

  • Keep Daddy happy when He is happy, sad, irritated or mad. Okay that sounds like a bit much but really i am a uber goofball so that hasn’t been too hard. Between the smut, the letters, the chocolate, the im’s and making myself available to Him, our friends, and Littlest Soldier that hasn’t been too hard to manage.
  • Be the perfect sub to Daddy’s Dom. Okay when i read that originally i damn near freaked out. He said something that did reassure me after that but “perfect sub” carries a heavy connotation in my brain. Well it did i guess. “perfect sub” for the two of us is basically just me being His compliment. taking care of those things that i do better than He does and letting Him take care of those things He’s better at. share my daydreams with Him and be honest with Him. heck the smut has inspired Him to think of a number of different things He wants to try out with me. so that whole “perfect sub” thing is less scary and more of an extension of how we already interact with one another.

okay so those are the rules as they stand now. we have talked about whether they need to be expanded and He said nope those would work just fine. as it is those aren’t too hard to stick to. when He’s home and having to deal with my mood swings then that might not be as easy to adhere to. or i just might be adding up punishments on the tote board. right now i’m accumulating fun spankings but those will be given when we both want them and when they can make us both pass out. so that’s the haps around here with me and the guidelines.

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  1. Charlotte they were good simple rules which i did appreciate. glad you like them.

    Mija lol ummm i do have a perfectly smart mouth which accrues more than enough raised eyebrows at the moment lol. i’m sure if i hide His cookies once or twice i’ll be in trouble and have trouble sitting down.

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