video killed the radio stars

or happy 350th post! okay this post will be a little different. you don’t have to watch the videos but it would make all of the babbling make sense as i move along. okay the last 349 posts will somewhat be encapsulated in these videos. feel free to hum along, laugh at me, or otherwise enjoy yourselves. shall we begin?

this whole blogging experience has just been surreal. the folks i have gotten to know. the folks that i have gotten rid of. the folks that have comforted me or let me into their lives as a result of the words they see here have been a whirlwind. it’s been great though which is why i chose the song above this one. a big swirl of activity but nothing i’d ever regret.

there have been moments where events, people, or the combination have damn near shut me and this blog down. while i would post in the meantime, my patience is not the greatest and i think i was talking myself into remaining in the world at large not just the blogosphere. but i have to say after all is said and done it has made me stronger and more assure of what i want and don’t want and what i can reasonably take in my life. enjoy the clip above.

sometimes it’s good for me to remember that while i can maintain lower stress levels by letting some crap go, i have to seize opportunities when they come. not only seize them but enjoy the process. i did that about seven months ago and look where it’s taken me. enjoy the clip above.

hey let’s face it i’m a goofball, a horny goofball, but still a goofball. i love this song and it’s message. we need to stop animal abuse—well except the kittens—click away to see how you can help.

skipping back a bit that seven month ago thing brought me a nice sweet kinky man who made me appreciate the song above in a whole new way.

thinking about Him too much can make me sad but it’s only cause He’s not here to help me rip off my corset like in the video above.

but when i get too sad i just think of what He’s added to my life since He’s entered it. i heard and loved this song a while back BUT again having someone who makes you hear music differently is a treat. it’s not that i heard the song differently more than i can see where Ms. Anita is coming from now. girl loves her man, i concur.

it will be the simple things i appreciate more when He gets home than anything else. a Sunday morning in bed snuggling would be lovely. clickey clickey.

it would be even more lovely if we spent the Saturday night before in bed like this lol which brings me to the end of my video recap. life has been a treat and i only expect it to get better. tell me what ya think if you made it all the way down here and watched a few videos.

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