The Honeymoon Part II

He was lounging in the oversized chair when she woke up. He heard her stir thanks to the nifty bells He had affixed to her right ankle while she was unconscious. she spun around in the bed and tried to locate the noise before she recognized that there was an extra weight on her ankle. she giggled loudly and called out for Him. He told her to come join Him in the makeshift living rom that was next to the kitchen. she shuffled and chimed her way over to where He was sitting and knelt next to His chair. “honey why don’t you just climb in My lap?”

“i love Your lap but i like sitting at Your feet. You always yank me up from here and closer to You, i love that too. but if You want me in Your lap of course i will oblige.”

He had been smiling at her and stroking her face. she had pulled on one of His t shirts and the imprint of her breasts was completely distracting Him. “Are you hungry baby? If so I need you to eat before we start the second part of the game.”

“i am a little hungry Daddy. what would You like me to make?”

“I called the main house and had something sent over. A sandwich just the way you like and a salad with extra dressing. Go eat and come back to Me when you are done but do not rush. Daddy has all day to entertain you.” He smirked as her ass swayed under His shirt. It was really like a long dress on her and she really did look like a child in her father’s clothes. He went back to His book and waited for her to return. she enjoyed her sandwich. the bread was thick and sweet as was the ham. the lettuce was crisp and the spicy mustard was clearing her sinuses. she had no idea what kind of dressing was on her chef salad but she moaned with a full mouth more than once in response to its flavor. He just smiled to Himself knowing that He had chosen well with her meal and she would be very appreciative and pliable as soon as she was full. He heard the fridge open and close again. “Are you okay sweetie?” the sounds of her bells were getting louder and she pounced down on the floor next to Him.

“yep Daddy, i’m fine.” she leaned over and kissed His cheek and then resumed her position.

“Daddy is glad to hear that. Now are you ready to start playing again?”

“yes Sir.”

He took her into the bathroom and turned on the water. When it was nice and steamy, He pulled back the curtain and stepped under the water. she joined Him quickly and repeated the ritual they had developed over their time together. bodies were cleaned and massaged. He squeezed her bottom until it stung a bit but was feeling more relaxed. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around His waist. He grabbed her wrist before she could grab one of her own. “Nope honey, you get to stay wet for this next part of the game.”

her eyes flashed for a second but she let Him guide her out of the bathroom and out to the small whirlpool that was shared by their bungalow and one other. He checked to see if anyone was out there and when He saw it was clear He walked them both over to it. He explained what she was to do quickly. Get in and make her way over to the far side of the whirpool. When she got there, she’d feel a rather thick dildo mounted to the seat. she needed to insert it and wait. it seemed easy enough to do and she figured He was trying to give her an easy win. He walked away for a moment and then she heard other voices. The couple, Jon and Mecole who were also on their honeymoon, from next door were joining them in the hot tub and she had to carry on a converation basically naked and masturbating simultaneously. she wasn’t allowed to move more than a few inches one way or the other. she was not allowed to leave whatsoever. He sat next to her and then dumped His towel on the deck. The couple with them was quickly naked in the hot water with them which really wouldn’t have been an issue but they proceeded to pounce on one another. His hand started rubbing her clit under the water which made her hips gyrate and the water covering her breasts shifted a bit. her eyes drifted close and He pinched her clit. “Don’t be rude to our guests honey. Tell them why we’re here.” He continued to manipulate her under the water and slid her hand around His dick that was bobbing idly in the warm bubbly water.

she tried to keep up her end of the conversation but the mix of sensations were overriding her senses. They started fucking in front of her which made the water splash around her even more. He pulsed between her fingers and leaned over to whisper in her ear. “you are doing very good baby. if you can make it another ten minutes without screaming out, then you will win this game. if you don’t then Daddy gets to use you however He sees fit for the rest of the day.” He increased the pressure on her clit. her pussy was clenching around the dildo and she wanted nothing more than to moan out and have her own orgasm before the stageshow ended but she was determined to win. she just didn’t know He was more determined than she could have pondered at that moment. Jon and Mecole were nearing orgasm now. He was probing more deeply in her pussy and she was teetering on the edge of exploding. Mecole started emitting a low guttural groan and twitched a bit before disappearing below the water. that was all she could take. the throbbing on His dick in her hand combined with His underwater violation and Mecole’s head bobbing sent her over into orgasm. as suddenly as they had joined them and started performing for the newlyweds, Mecole and Jon left the hot tub and headed back into their bungalow. “So close honey, so close. Daddy is sorry about that. I really like it when you lose these games. you held out much longer than i thought though. Another few minutes and I would have to come up with a plan b for the rest of the evening. Daddy is glad you came right now too. you won’t be able to again for a while. Now get out of the water and make sure to take the dildo with you.” He watched her leave the water, slightly saddened but sure that the rest of the evening would be as enjoyable as the morning. she was wrong again.

He watched her for a few quick seconds then followed her inside. He led her back into the bedroom and grabbed the cord of rope He had purchased that morning. He placed her hands together and tied them at the wrists. He stood her up against the bedroom door and then flung the loose cord hanging from her wrist tie over the door frame. He tied it to the doorknob and told her to be a good girl and not destroy the door with her flailing. she was still slick from the water which meant the strikes from the whip were going to sting particularly more than they did normally. He was glad she was such a little masochist then and that she had enough sense to use her safeword when she needed to. He slipped her gag into place, “Daddy knows I probably don’t have to do that right now but just in case I get a little rambunctious I don’t want to scare our ever so polite neighbors.” she was left alone for a few minutes after He was sure that she could breathe and was as comfortable as she could be under the circumstances. He took the nipple clamps and clipped them to her pussy. He placed the remote on the nightstand and pushed the bed back a bit so that He could fully uncoil the six foot bull whip she had given Him as a gag wedding gift. He aimed at a spot on the wall for about ten minutes trying to get a feel for the whip and the different ways He could strike with it. she heard the snaps fly past her and while she was terrified her pussy was sopping. “Is My big girl ready?” she nodded and felt the whip bite into her skin for the first time. He was a quick study as with most things and did a fairly good job of striking the areas He intended to. A few of the blows missed wildly but those only made her anxious about the next one coming. He stopped longer than He had before so she wondered if they were done. then she felt the clamps turn on and her pussy started humming. He stood there for a few more minutes just watching her try not to squirm. He turned up the intensity and then resumed the whipping. As usual the combined sensations were making Him hard and her a pile of goo. When He was tired of standing so far away from her, He dropped the whip and grabbed one of the heavy floggers. The blows would be less forgiving because they would be more precise. He focused on her upper back first. Her bottom wasn’t bruised but it would be more sensitive than her back. she jumped periodically but was generally her stoic self just moaning around the gag. He targeted her lower back as it curved into her ass and then where her thighs curved up to her ass. The flogging was even and steady and she began humming in response to her body feeling very loose. her head fell backwards and she heard Him asking if she was all right. she thought she was nodding but before she could say anything else He had untied her and had her laying on the bed.

when she caught her breath and was mostly alert again, He told her again that she was a good girl and He was so happy that she was His. He took off her gag and let her breathe freely. her hand cupped His face and she kissed Him gently. He unclipped the clamps from her pussy and laughed at the tiny things vibrating in her hands. they quickly found her nipples and she winced from the shock of their intrusion. before she could say anything else, He was buried deep inside her. “you make Daddy want to fuck you constantly. I love it watching your skin absorb the pain I like to visit upon you. Daddy couldn’t ask for a better girl,” He said between moans. she started panting and crying both from the pleasure of Him inside her and the pain of her nipples. they felt like they were on fire and she wanted to pull them off. He read her expression and took them off a few minutes later but just started twisted and tweaking her nipples with His fingers. His mouth would smother each nub after it was pinched and pulled into a state of agony. her legs tried to stay taut for Him but she was loosing control of everything right then. the rush of her orgasm swept over her and He felt her clamp down on His dick again before cumming so much He thought she had started squirting. He wanted to join her then but couldn’t. He was entirely too far gone to cum with her at that moment. He leaned back and put her legs over His left shoulder, twisting her into a new position. she moaned His name in response and was treated to another half hour of intense thrusting and probing on His part. Her nipples were eventually just suckled and palmed as He feasted on her flesh. when Oh Daddy started coming from her mouth in a stacato fashion, He finally let loose a torrent of nut inside her. They both breathed heavily for a while He let her legs drop around His waist again and leaned over to kiss her. she kissed Him back and then moved with Him as He navigated them into a sleep position. He had played with her longer than He thought as the sun was starting to set. They watched it until it was completely down, chatting about the beach, the day, their wedding and the life they were building together. she rolled over to face Him and nestled into His chest. she feel asleep as content as she had been earlier and He was trying to think of how many different ways she was going to submit to Him before they left.

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