lookie lookie what i found

i was thinking about the magical list i created many moons ago that i thought encompassed my ideal Dom/Daddy/Master. i figured i’d resurrect it now to see if anything major had changed. well it had, two things that were specifically related to the previous relationship were eliminated. Roaming Soldier and i haven’t discussed a poly household but considering we’re talking about enough drama with just blending our current roommates lol (my mother and His daughter) i seriously doubt we’d invite anymore chaos into our lives. besides that bit me in the ass once already. i doubt i’d readily go walking into that situation again. the last two are just terminology changes, i happen to love “Daddy” more than “Master” but really it’s to RS what i’ll call Him. right now Daddy is working just fine.

  • i would like someone who is open and willing to train me to their SPECIFIC needs: eliminates confusion for me and makes me happy to please them (nothing at all to change here, despite the distance between us RS doesn’t keep me guessing with what He expects from me, when He’s home i’m sure there will be some additional lessons to be learned but we’ve developed a nice exchange thus far)
  • i would like someone who is quite aware of my newness but still ready to make me the best sub i can be (i will be His little girl in all ways, yes some allowances are made but generally speaking His say is final)
  • i would like someone that sees the longterm potential in this lifestyle and wants to engage in it (can we say happy happy joy joy, we’re making plans baby yeah!!)
  • i would like someone who despite my newness has such a sadistic streak that being aware of my limits only excites in Him a need to shove me beyond them moaning and screaming (hasn’t really changed i just LIKE that statement lol)
  • i would like to spend days or weeks or forever being spanked, choked, tied up and humbled by my Daddy
  • i would like to be in constant service to my Daddy

now wasn’t that basic and simple? here’s what for the moment i know i don’t want.

  • someone that is just toying around in the lifestyle
  • someone who will not consistently discipline me i can be a ROYAL brat, RS understands that and is looking forward to keeping me in line or properly punished.
  • someone who will not appreciate the gift of submission
  • someone not confident in their leadership
  • someone who is not interested in a longterm arrangement
  • someone who does not share with me what i can do in order to better serve Him
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