love and marriage and red with the baby carriage

okay obviously mind has tilted into the more adult hemisphere as of late. by no means has the kink disappeared (will be posting part II of the honeymoon right after this) but my vacation helped give me a new focus. it only takes a one well timed event to make you appreciate the things and people you have in your life and i of course had mine then. He is absolutely everything that i could have hoped for. He is a continued source of wonderment, amusement, peace, mental and physical stimulation. He just feels good. He feels good to the point that it has made me “girl up” even more than i had over the time i was with Emperor and in a different way. i was getting the trappings of my feminity down before now. i can embrace my true nature with Roaming Soldier.

the safety i need, the security i want, the desire to be appreciated for my strength and simultaneously adored for being pliable is all a girl could ask for. the fact that it arrived in one nice package is honestly just wonderful. for the last few months i’ve been thinking about my life in terms of Him and the mish mash family we will assuredly form when He gets home. i just pray that He isn’t horribly traumatized and scarred by the crazy clone of me that lives here with me now. then again His brother did agree to make her disappear if i needed that lol. okay well i really didn’t agree to it and it was a total and complete joke so don’t be sending police to my house to check on her.

i haven’t had anymore baby dreams this week but i did negotiate a budget for the pricey and mammoth bras i’ll need if i have any children with Him let alone five lol. He’s tired and ready to come home but He’s happy, partly due to me being around and who can ask for more than that as well. so yeah i may be announcing wedding plans and baby due dates here eventually but i have to say i’m very happy about that and about Him and i’ll have to try not to make fun of Night Owl at her wedding because she was nice enough to bring RS into my life.

okay enough for now

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