The Honeymoon Part I

she awoke to the sounds of the ocean outside their window. they had flown in last night and were so exhausted from the wedding and travelling that all they did was snuggle and go to sleep. she was expecting to hear His breathing in her ear when she stirred but He wasn’t in bed or in her line of sight. she got up and moved slowly about the small private bungalow they had rented. He wasn’t in the shower or in the kitchen. she figured He must have gone out for a swim and knowing she was not getting her hair full of salt water, He left her sleeping until He came back. sleeping was one of her favorite pasttimes afterall. she fixed a light breakfast that she could keep warm until He came back. she waited a bit and when He wasn’t there in ten minutes she decided to take a shower. her eyes kept glancing at her hand and wondering had she actually gotten married less than twenty-four hours ago. His voice booming from the kitchen reminded her she had.

“O Where, O Where Is Daddy’s big little girl, O Where O Where Could she beeeeeeeeeee?”

she laughed to herself and hurried to turn off the water before He found her and got in with her. If He got in there would be a wet prune of a human that resembled her happily stumbling out of the shower being chased by a soapy pruney version of Him. she was wrapping the towel around herself when He grabbed her from behind.

“How is My wife doing this morning?”

“she is doing quite well. Did You enjoy Your swim?”

“Swim? Oh I wasn’t swimming. I was setting up a surprise for you later on. That is if you want to play with your husband tonight,” He said knowing full well that the only reason she hadn’t attacked Him was because the bathroom was on the smallish side. He kissed her deeply and led her back out to their kitchen. They sat and ate quickly. He hinted about what the surprise may be before He told her she was going to be playing a game with Him for the next seven days. she could stop whenever she wanted and He wouldn’t get upset but if she made it through to the end of the week then she’d be thrilled with her reward.

“so when do we start?”

“Now of course. your first challenge is this. you have to find all of the toys i hid around the bungalow while you were snoring in the next,” He glanced at His watch, “fifteen minutes. for everyone you fail to locate Daddy will have to spank you five times. Do you understand.” she nodded that she did and waited for Him to say start. she had seen the bondage tape in the drawer when she was looking for a knife so she located that quickly. and she found two of her gags in bowls under the sink. she was feeling good as she ran from the bathroom to the living room and found four more toys. she finally went into the bedroom with about eight minutes to spare and she hit a dry spell. When He said time she had only found two more toys. “Umm only nine toys darling. you know that means that at least six are missing. I really don’t remember how many I hid this morning. The cleaning lady will get a nice treat when we leave I’m sure. So by My calculation that means 30 swats to that lovely behind of yours must be administered unless you can convince me to only make it 15.”

she thought about it for a moment. she dropped to her knees in front of Him, reached into His shorts and fished out her bottle before wrapping her lips around Him quickly. He sighed and let His hands play in her hair. she sighed as well and focused on getting her nourishment as He liked to call it. her tongue flicked around His dick effortlessly as always. her wedding ring was slightly interfering with her grip but she quickly forgot about it. either the flight had worn Him out or the two weeks of forced celibacy before the wedding had had the desired effect. He flooded her mouth quickly and she cleaned Him off completely before looking up at Him with her best puppy dog eyes.

“Umm that was very nice honey. But now I have to make it 45. Daddy wanted to cum inside your pussy first this morning. Lay on the bed on your belly and be very still.” He pulled a paddle from between the mattresses that had been shoved just out of her reach. “I know it was wrong of Me to put it where I knew my little girl’s arms couldn’t reach but you had to know I was going to spank you.” she had a smirk on her face. He had to know that she wouldn’t find all the toys on purpose. she had been missing her spankings and Him as much as He had been missing the various ways she thoroughly entertained Him. “And of course I know you didn’t find all of them on purpose. But it’s okay. We’ll call this game a draw as soon as your ass is on fire and I am buried inside you again.”

The swats came in a painfully slow progression, pausing long enough between strikes that her ass was freshly on fire and throbbing before the next impact was made. she loved the feeling, it made her more calm than she had been just waking up and looking out at the white sandy beach they were staying on. she never counted the strikes unless He made her and was lost in her own world of pleasure and pain when He counted out thirty. “What does baby want now?”

“whatever You want Daddy.”

“Daddy wants to fuck you now but you still have 15 more licks to take. Do you want them fast or slow?”

“i want Daddy inside me,” she moaned while she bit into her lip slightly.

“Good girl,” He replied as the next fifteen smacks from the paddle came down quickly. He pondered reaching for a condom but those were tucked away in the suitcase and she was dripping in front of Him now. Instead, He climbed into the bed next to her and pulled her up until she was kneeling. “Do you know what I want now?”

she nodded again and climbed on top of His long legs before impaling herself on His dick. she almost regretted helping Him cum such a short while ago as He could be stiff like He was now indefinitely but a quick swat to her warm bottom jolted her back into a happy train of thought. she bounced up and down on His dick a little manically at first. When she leaned backwards to brace herself, He reached between her thighs and pressed on her clit with His thum. the bucking became a bit more rhythmic and she was cumming like a dam had burst. He enjoyed her slickness but saw she was going to pass out soon and wanted to be on top of her when she did. He liked kissing her to sleep that way. He rolled them over onto the bed and she naturally wrapped one leg around His waist as He dug into her pussy. it clenched around Him and hung on for dear life whenever He moved in or out of her. she started moaning and her eyes got glassy. He leaned down and bit into her neck like He wanted to draw blood, just stopping short of breaking the skin. she steeled her body as He slammed into her repeatedly and then as He came her eyes started fluttering a bit. when He was done, He started kissing the spot He had bitten and returned kisses to her lips and eyes. she only said one more thing as she drifted off to sleep, “when does the next game start?”

“As soon as you wake up honey. Just as soon as you wake up.” He got up and covered her with a blanket while He set about preparing for the next game.

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