back on the grind, sort of

so i’m back at work now and it’s been a hectic few days. not heavy on clients but heavy on meetings and trying to get things arranged for an upcoming slate of interviews. do i love what i’m doing right now? well not particularly but it’s hard to enjoy work when you have been on anything resembling a vacation. i’m saving most of my time off for when Roaming Soldier is home so we can spend at least two weeks together to do whatever we need to without me rushing to the office. it’s been good for allowing me to talk to Him mostly when i need to. clients have either not showed up when He was free or i’ve managed to grab lunch in my office instead of rushing in for 20 minutes of conversation in my office. and while i was worried about taking off for the weekend that we wouldn’t be able to talk, we actually talked more over that time than we had been able to in a quite a while. it was good, kept me calm, made me feel more connected to Him and ready for this time apart to come to an end so the rest of our lives can begin. i need to sleep with my actual bottle tucked firmly in place so we both can drift off peacefully.

i’m happy as you can tell. a little tired but i’m taking better care of myself and there is always Him around. He, as you all know, is wonderful and has been more than worth than the struggles i’ve had romantically to get to this point. now i have erykah badu stuck in my head (i want somebody to walk up behind me and kiss me on my neck) and i like it. okay enough babbling.

love ya all

ps why the sam hell did i dream about being knocked up AGAIN and gas went up to 11 bucks a gallon AFTER i filled up. and my dad, who died in 2001, was driving me around telling me to be safe and get home okay.

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