the hell was going on with me???

i rarely dream about children. i have more since Roaming Soldier has come into my life and i’m sure that’s not a coincidence but really it’s more of an idle daydream. He’s being particularly nice because He knocked me up with triplets or Littlest Soldier is reading to her little brothers while i enjoy a big bowl of ice cream resting on my belly. all is right in the world yep, very sappy but good daydreams. last night though i dreamt that by the strangest twist of fate we had a set of triplets and twins born on the same day. yes i know the photo is of six babies but the sex is right in the photo so i went with this one instead of the quints i found.

for some reason it was taking us a while to conceive and we were beginning to think i couldn’t so we went the surrogate route. she promptly got pregnant with our triplets–three little boys. about a month later, i guess without the pressure of having to get knocked up i just did and wouldn’t you know there are twin girls hatching in me. needless to say all i kept thinking in the dream was this man has POTENT sperm lol. our due dates were about five weeks apart but the doctors said if everything looked okay close to the triplets delivery they could just induce me and keep the twins if they needed to but the girls took after their mother and were strong and healthy as soon as they popped out about ten minutes after their older brothers. now i have to say that i would feel horrible for them because the boys would always be able to say they were older and thus do older brother things like ruin all relationships and scaring away anyone that thinks their sisters were cute. but at the end of the day we had five babies to take home and Littlest Soldier was overjoyed. of course by the time they actually released us and we had outfitted something resembling a small tank to take home our now six children i was close to having a panic attack. who in the world thinks i should have kids let alone five of them??? Roaming Soldier calmed me down and Littlest Soldier was an absolute dream but damn i had FIVE babies lol. ahh well, i was dreaming of Him so it can never be a bad thing. He smiled when i told Him about it so that’s always good. yeah i love that Man. okay enough of the sappy sappy. back to Hell’s Kitchen.

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  1. Kids bring the happiest moments of anyones life. I am not sure I could fathum having more then one at a time, but having 2 myself, I can definately say nothing in life is more joyous.

    Perhaps these dreams/daydreams are trying to tell you something?

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