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okay now that i’ve done the mopey thing let’s see if i can tap back into the other side of the brain i share with Roaming Soldier. the part that makes shopping at the sub shop such a wonderful treat lol. it may take a while for this completely unfurl so bear with me.

she was in the gym working off the frustration of the day. her clients had been draining. her mother and children would need all of her five minutes after she stepped foot in the house. she just wanted to see Him and get fucked into happy space but that wasn’t going to happen for another few days. the weights crashed down as her knees met her chest. she grunted and pushed back again as the sweat trailed down her neck making the loose strands stick to her neck. she counted to fifteen, took a break for water then started another set of fifteen. she moved from the leg press to the chest press and did three sets. off to the lat pull and over to the abdominal curl. she spent most of her time here. she was trying to tighten her tummy a bit before He got back home. His fingers, the crop, His mouth, the flogger, the rope, the wax or whatever He could think of would be covering her skin as soon as He was home and she knew that. another set of twenty brought her to hundred and it was time to move to the locker room and get changed.

she was home within twenty minutes and had dinner on the stove in fifteen. the kids had attacked her immediately and now her mother was talking to her while she prepped the veggies and put desert in the oven. she was lost in tuning her mother out so she hadn’t heard Him moving around above her head. actually she had heard it but she was ignoring it because she was sure that He couldn’t be home. she spent the next thirty minutes setting the table, serving the kids and her mother and then she took a deep breath and headed up the stairs toward her bedroom. she undressed and took a shower slowly. she stepped out and saw the dresser was covered and prepared. it caught her off guard but before she could say anything His hand was wrapped around her neck. “Now why didn’t you bring Daddy any dinner?” He kissed her cheek and let her go. she kissed Him back as she damn near leapt into His arms. she was letting her lips caress His neck when He pushed her off of Him before He got lost in the moment and just fucked her unconscious instead of putting her through her paces first. “on your knees baby, let Daddy do what He likes now.”

she nodded and was kneeling before Him still wrapped in her towel. He left her in it while He put her gag on. He adjusted her hair so it wouldn’t get caught in the strap and then put on her blindfold. silently her brain switched into damn i’m in trouble mode because He almost never put on the blindfold. He had her stand as He removed the towel. He told her how much He appreciated that she was enjoying the gym so much. His fingers ran over the curve of her stomach and then spun her around so she was laying against the bed. He bound her wrists and ankles quickly and gave her a swat on the ass. she sat on the bed and gasped around the ball gag when He began binding her breasts and then ran the rope between her thighs framing her pussy. she was still slick from the shower but nothing compared to how He knew she would be later. when He was satisfied with her confinement, He placed her on hte bed face down. He took out the first paddle He ever used on her and rubbed it gently across her ass. she moaned at the feel and soon He was warming her ass with the paddle. she was getting louder as the spanking intensified and it just made His dick stiffen. He stopped the spanking and took off His top. she tried to peer at Him over her shoulder, the blindfold wasn’t giving her any clear vision of Him but she knew that He was likely rock hard and fighting the urge to power fuck her. He came back over to the bed and started trailing her skin with one of His smaller blades. her body reacted blade and He smiled knowing how much she was enjoying herself. He picked up the crop and had it dancing across her back, ass and thighs until He had worked up a sweat and she was in danger of biting through the gag.

her pussy was soaking the ropes now. He could smell her in the air and He had to stop Himself from fucking her right then. He put down the crop and grabbed the flogger with the longest tines and stood back next the wall and let loose. she winced for a while more from anticipation than the pain and then sank into the happy space she went to after a while. she was floating there as He counted to seventeen and then dropped the flogger on the counter. He didn’t see any point in prolonging the need for completion anymore. she’d be able to let go of the stress now and He could pummel the orifice of His choice until He got tired. she felt Him pushing at her pussy and then He was inside her in a few quick thrusts. He pulled her up by her stomach so that her ass was higher in the air and then He just started slow fucking her with deep hard strokes. she was cumming in nanoseconds and He didn’t feel a need to punish her for that. He slowly assaulted her pussy for the next thirty minutes before He ripped off her gag and told her to open up. He pulled out of her and helped her to a kneeling position on the bed. He shoved His dick between her lips so quickly that she almost gagged. He smiled to Himself and kept fucking her throat. He was sure she wouldn’t be able to swallow all of Him for a change but He wanted to see if she could. He yanked her head back so that her lips were just on the head of His dick and then He started cumming. she handled the first torrent well enough but the second spurt started spilling out of her mouth. she swallowed as much as she could but she wasn’t expecting the third big gush which just started dripping down on her breasts. He pulled out as the last big gush went down her throat. the sight of her breasts covered in His nut was a kodak moment so He grabbed the digital camera and took a few snapshots for His private album. He freed her arms and legs and before He could untie the rest of her she rubbed the nut into her breasts. He smiled and took another photo before cutting her free of her bindings. He spread her legs and had her raise up until He could slide comfortably underneath her. He ate her out until He was satisfied with the number of times she had cum and then let her fall into a heap on the bed and smacked her on the ass. He spoke the last words that would be uttered in their bedroom tonight. “So did you miss Daddy?” she only smiled and dosed off when He curled up behind her and did the same.

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  1. Wow. i liked it a lot. It was a real eye catcher. i clicked the wrong thing and then bam! i was hooked. i’m glad though. You’re very talented. i can’t wait to read more of what You write.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Zackery Faelan

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